Historical heritage

Historical heritage

Discover traces of our history.
Romanesque churches, frontier castles, dinosaurs, museums.

Sant Esteve de Abella de la Conca Church

Documented from the 11th century, it has three naves with an apse and an exterior decorated with Lombard arches.

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Bóixols medieval bridge

Outside the town of Bóixols in an idyllic and very appreciated spot by lovers of adventure sports, lies the Bóixols medieval bridge. A roughly constructed bridge with one eye, but it's worth visiting for the environment where it is located.

Isona and Conca Dellà Museum – Cretaceous Park

Paleontological remains recovered from the sites of the area lead us to the exciting life of dinosaurs and the environment in which these amazing animals lived.

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Frontier castles

In all the Conca Dellà and Conca de Tremp we can find castles at strategic points, for example the Llordá Castle.

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Santa Maria de Covet Church

We could highlight its door dating back to the years 1150 and 1160. It presents a rich iconographic repertoire that has given rise to the most curious and suggestive interpretations. Documented since 1107.

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Salás Museum Stores

In different spaces in Salás old town you can immerse yourself in the recent past with a guided tour.

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Natural environment

Connect with nature in its purest form.
Natural areas, forests, rivers, steep mountains, wildlife.
Natural environment

Montsec Astronomical Park

A multimedia digital planetarium and a platform for observing the sky. It has a dome of 12 m in diameter which allows an unforgettable view of the clear nights.

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El Foradot

The Abella de la Conca River opens through the gorge, forming waterfalls and pools of water. You can follow the river upstream and discover the landscape that surrounds the area.

Carrànima Mountain Range

At 1,624 m, on top of the Carrànima Mountain Range, is the shrine of the Virgin of Carrànima, from where you can see wonderful views.

Boumort Mountain Range – Boumort National Hunting Reserve

Boumort National Hunting Reserve. With a large plant and animal diversity, with the rutting deer standing out in early fall.

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Basturs Ponds

One of the few karst springs in Catalonia. In its waters, high in calcium, live plant and animal species that are not found in other water spaces in our country.

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Pallars Jussà has a relevant geological importance, which has translated in the interest shown by geologists since the 60's.

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Exercise the body and mind while discovering extraordinary places.
Hiking, mountain biking, climbing.


Starting from the village of Abella there are many marked trails to discover on foot the wonderful Conca Dellà sites

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On the village of Abella and the imposing rocks you can climb with a large number of open paths.

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Mountain Biking


In Abella de la Conca there are over thirty underground cavities to enter the interior of the earth.

Traditions and culture

Get to know and taste the local produce.
Fairs and gastronomy.
Traditions and culture

Abella de la Conca Honey Fair

Every year in June, the World's Honey Fair is held, where we can get to know the different types and processes performed.

Mushroom season

With the autumn rains followed by sunny days the mushroom season starts. The Conca forests provide us with these delicacies, where we can find a great variety.

Boletus. Isona Mushroom Fair

The fair is held during the Mycological Days in Pallars Jussà, with activities during the week before the fair: collecting mushrooms in the woods, conferences, courses, etc.

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The Guixa

In Isona the party of the Guixa is held the Tuesday of the carnival. Guixa is escudella (type of Catalan soup) made with bacon, noodles, chickpeas, pumpkin, rice.

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